Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Glimpses of a day on the river
July 25, 2006

The shining river
My first glimpse each morning
Ever flowing
Like the blood through my veins
And the energy through our troop
Orange and pink skies
And the smells of fresh coffee
Draw us from our sandy repose

Many hands move boats
To Ship-Shape
Engines hum
Maps, binoculars, GPS and cameras
Are readied for the day

Glimpses of trash piles
Are mixed with snapshots
Of woods, wing dikes and wildlife

Great Blue Herons
Usher us down the river
And Bank Swallows
Clear our path of bugs

Strong Solar Rays
Bronze our skin
And cool swimming holes
Offer relief from the heat---Aaahhh

Between these gorgeous
Swimmin Holes
Refrigerators, barrels, gas tanks,
buckets, bottles and Styrofoam
Dot the Banks

We are insulted by their presence
But rest assured
Soon they will be removed

Late in the day
A sandbar
Becomes our nightly camp

Campfires, food and camaraderie
Spill laughs and giggles
Into the cool evening air
Drums, guitars and singing voices
Greet a sky
Shimmering with stars

I gaze at the multitudes
Of blinking lights
Then roll over and sigh
As once again
I watch
The river flow by

-Tim Nigh


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Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.


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