Monday, July 24, 2006

First leg down... off to Kansas City.

A week on the river has taught us a lot!

People are truly interested in the resource. Whole comminities, small as they are, depend on the river. Fishing, boating, just soothing the soul are routine.

We are blessed by the good karma we've banked along the way. Folks have heard of us and our crazy trip. We achieve local celebrity... "aren't you those guys we saw on TV?" It is gratifying to know that we are noticed.

We must depend on ourselves and each other to make a project like this work. Who will help Anthony make the morning coffee now that I am gone? New crew will find new ways to make it work. I'd like to be a fly on the wall (not a biting fly, just an interested one) to see how roles come out.

All along the trip we've met folks who truly care about the river. Sunburned fisherfolk. Beautiful 20 something boat boys with fancy fast boats. Native people. Travelers like us. Scientists. Not a single disparaging comment. The river flows through us all.

Home is like a place I've visited. Hot showers, warm kitties, interested friends, neighbors helping to unpack and laughing at my sandy things. My family- who did, in fact, survive without me. It all feels a bit surreal.

I told my parents- dubious and concerned- that it would be the trip of a lifetime. I was oh so right!

From the river road.....


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